I am a Research Associate at the Statistical Laboratory of University of Cambridge. I am mentored by Prof. Rajen Shah.

I am joining University of Washington as an Assistant Professor in Biostatistics!

In Spring 2022, I was a Richard M. Karp research fellow with the Causality program at the Simons Institute, UC Berkeley.

I earned my PhD in Statistics from University of Washington, Seattle in April 2021. My PhD advisor is Thomas S. Richardson. My doctoral thesis is on Likelihood analysis of causal models.

I work on

  • Statistical foundations of causal inference: graphical models, semiparametric theory, robustness vs. efficiency trade-off

and, largely motivated by problems from causality, also

  • Honest & flexible uncertainty quantification: model selection, irregularity, finite sample analysis, handling preprocessed data, randomization and derandomization, Bayes and empirical Bayes.